Home Loan EMI Calculator for Fixed and Floating Rates

Home Loans in India are usually floating in nature which means your EMI will change with change in Interest rates as adjusted by your provider Bank. 

Fixed rate of interest are usually 1 to 2 percentage point higher than floating rates and the benefits any reduction in interest rate during the tenure of the loan will not be passed on to the borrower. However when interest rate cycle is bottomed out and there is all possibility of rise in interest rates in future one can choose to lock in their rates. 

Following  EMI calculator can be used to calculate EMI of not only Home loans but any kind of Loans. The best part of the calculator is the ease of use and slider facility. However the calculator can calculate EMI for one rate at a time. To check EMIs for floating rates which essentially means EMI at different rates, you can tinker with rates moderately say by 0.25 percent and check your EMI liability. Home Loan EMI Calculator

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